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Electronic document management

Electronic document management ensures an effective flow of information between employees, methodical monitoring, the updating of documents, and the archiving of data. Properly implemented electronic document workflow allows continuous access to stored information for authorized users from the browser level, thus supporting remote work. Implementation of the Plus Workflow system for electronic document workflow increases data security, reduces process costs, and minimizes the risk of errors.




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Business process modeling with Low-Code

Business process modeling is a reliable support for the effective management of a company’s business processes, thanks to the ability to define and categorize them. Visualization of the course of the process and ongoing verification of its correctness eliminate the risk of human error. Equally important, business process modeling using the BPMN not only optimizes and automates processes but also enables the launch of new workflows in a way that is understandable to users without advanced programming knowledge.



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Polish e-Invoice System (KSeF)

The Polish e-Invoice System is a domestic ICT system used to issue and store structured invoices in XML format.  The Plus Workflow for KSeF allows optimizing work thanks to the two-way data transfer of the Plus Workflow system with the Polish e-Invoice System. Plus Workflow for KSeF can manage both downloading invoices and generating and forwarding them to KSeF. The implementation of this solution results in the mechanization of financial processes, which reduces expenses and increases productivity.





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Robotic process automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) allows robots to reproduce user actions utilizing non-invasive techniques, such as operating on HTML pages, “screen scraping,” or scripts. RPA components from Plus Workflow allow configuring and launching dedicated robots that perform repetitive activities according to a specific algorithm. Robotization of business processes eliminates the need for employees to perform monotonous tasks, allowing them to focus on what is really demanding and important.




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Electronic signature

The electronic signature is a practical and valid solution that not only allows users to sign contracts but also complete many legalities remotely. For this reason, Suncode works with recognized companies providing regular and qualified electronic signatures, such as Autenti, DocuSign, eSign.tech, or Szafir. The electronic signature in the Plus Workflow is not only time-saving but, most importantly, ensures data security. Importantly, the electronic signature allows you to efficiently sign documents from any location and device.


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Cloud solution

A cloud solution not only eliminates the costs associated with investing in servers but also allows for flexible responses to changing needs. The cloud solution provides access to the Plus Workflow system to all companies, regardless of their resources. As a result, clients do not need to install additional programs on company computers. The system is installed on Suncode servers and, importantly, is fully scalable in terms of the number of users or handled documents.



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Integration with external systems

Plus Workflow can be integrated with any external IT system via the API interface, using, among others: JDBC, REST API, SOAP API, CSV, TXT, RFC technologies and so on. The Plus Workflow system has been integrated with many external systems, including: SAP, QAD, Infor M3, MS Dynamics, CDN XL, ORACLE FINANCIAL, IFS, OPTIMA, QUGAR, J.D. Edwards, TETA, DEF 2000/3000, Symfonia, Lotus Notes, MS Share Point, MS Office, CODA, Unisoft and many others.




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Mobile applications

Mobile applications are currently an integral part of electronic document workflow systems. The Plus Mobile Scan application allows document scans to be attached to the Plus Workflow system directly from a phone or tablet. In turn, the Plus Workflow Mobile application has a full range of functionalities, such as modifying forms, adding comments and attachments, and accepting sentences. Thanks to them, users are not dependent on location, as they can perform their daily tasks from any mobile device with Internet access.



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