There is no doubt that solutions aimed at reorganizing business processes – automating and functionalizing them gain in popularity. Sales or marketing departments have often been enthusiastic about innovations to improve their daily work. The situation is slightly different if we consider legal departments. Just five years ago, a large part of employees was not so open to such solutions.

In the report ‘Tech Bytes Part I: Start at the Beginning‘” published by Deloitte in 2018, more than 70% of respondents admitted to a conservative approach to implementing new technologies. Equally important, only 40% of directors of legal departments believed that new solutions and outsourcing would help improve their team’s effectiveness. On the other hand, the „Going beyond risk and compliance” report from the same year showed that up to 56% of legal departments had already invested in innovative systems.

What does the digitalization of legal departments look like today?

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly accelerated the digitalization of companies worldwide, including legal sector. A report by C.H. Beck Publishers – LegalTech 2022 shows that 1/3 of small law firms and 48% of large law offices say that the pandemic has helped accelerate the implementation of the legal tech solutions, i.e., technology solutions that support lawyers’ daily work.

Importantly, as many as 89% of respondents use the trusted profile provided by the ePUAP platform, and 52% use a qualified electronic signature. At the same time, 80% of respondents believe that digital signatures are a key area of legal tech that can contribute to the development of the legal industry.

However, only 19% of law firms use new technologies to relieve employees and support the company’s operations.

The conclusion seems clear – legal departments need a comprehensive solution that will not only enable them to provide electronic signatures on documents but also do serve to optimize and automate their work.

The Plus Workflow will be perfect for this task!

Digitalization of legal departments with Suncode

Why is the Plus Workflow, an electronic workflow and business process management platform, also ideal for legal departments?

Because it allows not only the preparation and verification of contracts but also the creation of electronic signatures or seals on documents with the highest security standards under Polish law.

Thanks to the Plus Workflow system, you will complete the complex process of preparing and reviewing contracts in five easy stages:

What is important, it is equipped with functionality that allows documents to be signed electronically via the Autenti, DocuSign,, or Szafir platforms.

The documents reviewed in the Workflow system go to the e-signature or e-stamp platform, where they are stamped with the appropriate signature.

Once the contract is signed, it must be archived in the secure structures of the system – for this purpose is used the contract archiving process, which consists of 3 steps:

  • Scanning the signed contract;
  • Awaiting verification – the system automatically monitors the validity period of the contract;
  • Verification of expiration date – the system sends an appropriate notification to the user, who can confirm whether the contract needs to be renewed or modified.

All signed and archived documents are described and qualified and are placed in the system’s secure electronic archive.

It is worth noting that the Plus Workflow system is a secure solution and will provide comprehensive protection related to user access rights to processes, documents, system functions, and its structures.

In addition, network connections applied to the system can be encrypted, as well as system files located on the server

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