Whether working in the office or remotely, we must remember to schedule our tasks wisely. A common reason for the habitual postponement of duties is the inappropriate work organization. It results in the accumulation of tasks and the constant chasing of deadlines.

What do you need to improve the organization of work in your company?

The answer is the Plus Workflow system for electronic document workflow and business process optimization and its wide range of modules, which will help you to schedule your ideal workday and achieve your goals.

A common factor that reduces motivation to perform assigned duties is repetition. Monotonously typing the same data into forms can significantly reduce work efficiency and even lead to professional burnout. A Plus Favorites plug-in significantly accelerates the work of the Plus Workflow system users. The Plus Favorites is a module that allows the users to save repeated data in forms and use them while working with any documents in the system. The users can independently create templates that contain data often included in contracts or requisition items. In addition to this, it is possible to share templates with colleagues – which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the work of the entire team.

When updating the Plus Workflow system with new extensions, we also keep in mind the continuous improvement of existing processes. An example of such an improvement is the Plus Next module, which allows the user performing a task (e.g., reviewing a contract) to automatically move to the execution or view of the next one. After completing one task, the system automatically moves on to the form of the next task. It eliminates the necessity to go back to the user’s desktop and select it from the list available in the views. The usage of the Plus Next minimizes the time consumption associated with the implementation of subsequent tasks.

The basis of good work organization is drawing up a clear plan – preferably in the form of a calendar. For this purpose, it is worth reaching for the Plus Calendar module. The module has two versions – in the first one, the displayed calendar presents the applicable and public holidays in Poland. From this level, the users can also report their absence (business trip, going outside the company, vacation, etc.) or verify which co-worker is currently on vacation and who is replacing them. The second form of configuration allows the user to view all tasks in a given period and launch new ones directly from the view of the calendar. The colors on the calendar can be appropriately configured, depending on the stage of the task.

Optimize your business processes with the Plus Workflow today!

The more convenient work is for us, the better we perform our duties. Therefore, the Plus Workflow system and its numerous modules improve the ergonomics of our clients’ work and streamline process management in their enterprises.

Are you interested in the above possibilities offered by the Plus Workflow system? Write to us today at sales@suncode.pl.