During an enterprise development, the employment rate, as well as the number of processes are increasing. We are aware of the fact that performing all activities manually is not only time-consuming but also lowers employees’ productivity. Moreover, the work stoppages, loss of documents or an increased number of mistakes are also noticeable. It is high time to decide on purchasing a system for the electronic workflow of documents. The search for the platform that meets all the requirements begins. However, then we face the question – what do we really want to achieve by purchasing the system, what benefits will we get after implementation, how to automate the work of key departments to eliminate mistakes?

According to Forrest company research, the selection and implementation of the Business Process Management solution may enhance employees’ productiveness by around 30-50%. By planning al activities, the benefits will be noticeable immediately.

Company digitization begins with process management

The number of business processes conducted in the companies is ever-increasing. For this reason, it is so important to implement new technologies to improve them, i.e. Business Process Management systems. The Workflow class systems automate and standardize work by implementing specific, obligatory procedures. Importantly, they ensure data synergy thanks to the integration with other systems exploited by the company. Additionally, thanks to the insight into the vital information, employers may analyze the work of subordinates, as well as assess the quality of their work. Interest in BPM systems is still growing, and according to Grand View Research, the global market value with BPM systems may reach 23.4 billion USD by 2024.

In order to get the maximum ROI from BPM implementation, it is best to use the system to optimize the largest number of enterprise processes, embracing different departments. According to the reports published by Capgemini, 96% of enterprises that decided to implement the Workflow class systems obtained a significant return on investment – in the case of 55% of them, at the level of at least 200%.

One of the main benefits of implementation is the significant reduction of many manual actions in the process. A practical example may be the allocation of goods received notes to suitable invoices in the Plus Workflow system. It is estimated that after the system implementation, 80% to 90% of these types of documents are assigned and “agreed” automatically in the Plus Workflow system, which uses a data exchange interface with the ERP system for this purpose. The remaining documents are transferred in an electronic way to the purchasing department, where the above-mentioned activities are performed within the IT system “prompting” the best possible variant of their matching. As we have noticed, our clients have considerably shortened the realization time of processes included in the project. It is possible mostly due to the elimination of multiple valueless activities and process automation.

For example, the realization time of the cost obligations process has decreased by about 70%, whereas the goods obligations about 50%. These are real benefits, noticeable immediately after the implementation. The best recommendation is always the Client’s opinion: “Guided by the idea of constant development and improvement, we have implemented the Plus Workflow system, enhancing the process of archiving customs, export, import, and transit documents. Thanks to the indexes, the Plus Workflow identifies the type of customs documents, whereas the electronic repository facilitates searching for documents, reduces operating costs, and manual workload” – Adam Stojanowski, IT Director JAS FBG.

Cyfryzacja firmy

The introduction of new technologies and the computerization of enterprises should start with a change in the perception of digitization and the functioning of companies. The systems ameliorating work: BI, AI, BA, CRM or BPM are henceforward a necessity as part of entering the era of Industry 4.0. The close collaboration of business and IT departments, and even to some degree their permeation, is a way to create new concepts of company operation. To quote after Computerworld (November 2018): „Companies that will negate or delay the implementation of AI for too long, start to lose their competitive advantage, or lose it completely, within 5 years”. Such a thesis may have significant effects on companies in the future. Unluckily, finances are not the main reason behind the failure of enterprises’ development but so are people and their perception of this topic. If you want to dispel some doubts or want to ascertain what benefits may result from the implementation of the Plus Workflow system, do not hesitate to contact us. A professional approach, solution presentation and a conversation about your needs may give rise to the cooperation you have been waiting for.