The Plus Workflow system is constantly developing, and as a result, there is a wide range of additives and modules enriching the basic version of the system. Among them, we can distinguish a new one – Fixed Assets Register.

In accordance with the act on accountancy, the entrepreneurs are obliged to register the company’s fixed assets, for instance, all the machines and technical devices, intangible and legal assets, as well as properties, which the useful life is longer than a year. Fixed assets are characterized by the fact that they occur in many economic processes, and they exhaust gradually.

Suncode has enriched the Plus Workflow system with a new module designed for recording fixed assets and equipment. In the module, there are available multiple tabs, e.g. employee equipment, work clothes, fixed assets, and measuring devices. Each tab contains detailed information about the fixed asset, for instance, equipment data, the data about employees exploiting the equipment, information on inspections, warranties, purchase information or history of previous equipment owners. There is also available a tab with the task for the employees. Depending on the permissions, they may administer fixed assets, e.g. edit data, transfer equipment, withdraw, sale, and add a new one.

The Fixed Assets Register is equipped with various reports enabling analyzing the status of the fixed asset. These reports facilitate the performance of a checklist or a physical inventory.

All the data stored in the Fixed Assets Register are safe, as only the authorized users may access them. It is also possible to manage the users and set their rights in the system.

The module of Fixed Assets Register, just like the most solutions delivered by Suncode, is characterized by huge flexibility. It may be adjusted to the individual needs of every client. Moreover, the Fixed Assets Register may be available from the level of any web browser. The implementation of the described module in the Plus Workflow system enables reducing the number of IT systems used in an enterprise.