Despite the exceptional time associated with the pandemic, we try to function normally, but we care more about our own and others’ safety. Even this year, or maybe especially this year, employees need some rest to regenerate. However, before they may go for longed-for leisure, they need to submit a holiday application to the HR department. Thanks to the Plus Workflow, putting forward a holiday application does not have to be stressful and time-consuming. It is possible thanks to the ability to do it from any device with internet access – remotely, and most importantly, completely safe.

How to do that? Submitting that application in the Plus Workflow system is as easy as ABC. You open a browser and log in to your account in the Plus Workflow system, and there start the holiday request process. The system prompts you how many days off are available this year. You mark the beginning and end of your holiday, indicate a person who will replace you in your duties, and send the application to your supervisor. The specially created module – a Plus Calendar – enables the manager to check the absences of all the employees from a given department. Then, the task is sent to the HR department. There, the financial and accounting system re-calculates the number of remaining days-off. After that, this information is automatically actualized in the Plus Workflow.

It is worth mentioning that the submission of the holiday application may be initiated in two ways. First – is the initiation of a new task in the system. In the second option, the process starts via the Plus Calendar. In the latter case, the user selects days on the calendar and, in the next step, is redirected to the appropriate task in the system. Thanks to that, the other users may see when somebody is on holiday or works remotely.

The Plus Mobile module is a solution that works perfectly for swift approval of leaves and tasks in the system remotely. The module launched on a mobile reminds the user of the task’s realization. All you need is our mobile application and device with an internet connection!

If you are interested in the Plus Workflow, its functionalities, or other modules and plugins, please contact us. We ensure that all the presentations are safe for your health as we conduct them remotely. Our consultants will answer all your questions and help you to resolve all the doubts.