The demand for electronic signatures has increased significantly in recent months. All of that because of the unusual situation caused by the pandemic. The e-signature became popular after introducing changes to the law introduced by the European Union.

Because of the lockdown and closed offices, electronic signatures gained popularity, as it enables the regulation of many important official matters remotely.  State institutions are increasingly using this solution to confirm identity. Is it then possible that the electronic signature will become as popular as the traditional one? Only time will tell. To convince the undecided of the advantages of e-signature, we will introduce its functionalities.

Electronic and digital signature – a bit of theory

The terms electronic signature and digital signature are often used interchangeably, but there are some differences between these two concepts. An electronic signature (e-signature) refers to a symbol that is attached to a document and has been generated with the usage of the electronic method. The best and most common example of its usage is the signature placed on a tablet while receiving a parcel. It may also be an established password or string of numbers.

The digital signature, so-called qualified signature, is assigned to a specified person and related to his/her identity – almost like a fingerprint. To use a qualified signature, the user needs to use a digital key. The key is given by a certification authority, basing on PKI (digital certificate). Such a signature is a reliable and safe way of signing all the documents, even those confidential ones.


Digital signature in the Plus Workflow

We cooperate with the verified and experienced providers of an electronic signature on a global scale. Thanks to the usage of additional applications, the user may sign the agreements and all other documents that require the initial. One of these applications is the Autenti platform, which is a Polish provider of the solution. Autenti was a precursor of the electronic signature on the polish market. The solution can be used to sign any documents at work, home, or travel using any tool such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It will definitely shorten the time needed to sign the document. An additional advantage is the reduction of costs related to printing and archiving.

DocuSign INC. is an American company with headquarters in San Francisco, California. DocuSign offers an electronic signature within the cloud. It enables the electronic signing of documents with the usage of the various forms of signatures. DocuSign ranks among the top 10 largest technology companies in the world. Over half a million users in over 180 countries use paid solutions provided by this leading manufacturer. The main assumptions of the company are the elimination of paper from offices and automation of processes. It transfers to manual work reduction and the increase of efficiency and savings.


As part of the cooperation, we introduced the Plus DocuSign module that is an extension of the Plus Workflow system.  It allows signing documents in an electronic form directly from the system.  Thanks to this integration, the user may send the reviewed, in the Plus Workflow system, document to the DocuSign platform, in which the electronic signature is placed.

This solution brings multiple benefits, such as saving time or reducing the costs associated with printing, sending, and signing paper documents. Importantly, this solution enables the signing of the documents safely and swiftly from any device, regardless of location. The new functionality may be purchased in our shop.

If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.