Not only employees were forced to take their work home. Either directors, managers, and company board members need to perform their duties remotely. Accepting and signing contracts, approving official and accounting letters often turned out to be impossible to achieve. The pandemic extorted a change in the approach to new technologies and pace of deciding on the implementation of systems facilitating the work, in such unusual conditions.

The fear of new technologies has given way to the need to enter the digital world. It turned out that the facilities not only allowed everyone to work effectively but also accelerated the realization of the tasks at every level, ensured the safety of processes and monitoring of performed activities. Thanks to the implementation of the Plus Workflow, and available functionalities, the entrepreneurs may swiftly “switch” for home office mode.

One of the main advantages is the possibility to use an electronic signature. As signatures are pivotal for the validity of contracts, administrative, accounting, and commercial documents, the ability to sign them remotely is crucial to ensure the smooth functioning of an enterprise. The signature placed via DocuSign platform has the same legal force as the one placed directly on a paper document. Additionally, it helps to save time and materials essential to sign documents traditionally. To place an electronic signature via Workflow, a user should have a device with access to the Internet. The DocuSign platform and e-signature are known for some time now. Nevertheless, in this extraordinary situation, it appeared to be a highly desirable solution, as it saved companies from the freezing of their operation.

The user may use the functionalities of the Plus Workflow, to the full extend, also thanks to the Plus Mobile. This solution ensures full control over the tasks from the level of a mobile device, smartphone, or tablet. A manager may freely approve documents, tasks, and supervise the performance of duties by their employees. It is enough to have access to the Internet.

Thanks to the usage of the system for the electronic flow of documents and the modules offered by Suncode, people in managerial positions, may perform their duties without any problems.