One of the primary activities of managers is planning and budgeting future tasks performed in the company. Consequently, in the last quarter, most of them are absorbed in preparing a tactical plan for the next year.

Most of the companies use universal spreadsheets for planning and budgeting. In the case of small enterprises, in which the plans are not very extensive and complex, this solution works properly. There are, however, situations in which this tool, instead of facilitating work, extends the time necessary for the preparation of statements.

The eBudgets module comes with help! It may not only facilitate budget planning but also eliminate the need to use spreadsheets. The eBudgets is an IT tool addressed to directors, managers, controllers and sales analysts for enterprises of the FMCG sector, for both, the modern and traditional trades.

The aim of the system is to support the Sales Department in the scope of managing promotional budgets granted as a part of commercial contracts signed with direct customers. However, it is not its only possible application, as the tool enables creating budget plans. The sales manager has the ability to check the evolution of costs at various percentages of conditions recorded from trade agreements, for instance,

  • discounts given on sales invoices,
  • purchase bonuses granted based on the purchase value of the Manufacturer’s goods,
  • resale bonuses calculated on the basis of the value of the Manufacturer’s goods sold to retail stores,
  • expenditures on trade marketing activities regarding the promotion of Manufacturer’s products at a Distributor,
  • outlays on other activities carried out by the Distributor to increase sales of the Manufacturer’s products (so-called market costs).

Thanks to the possibility of preparation “what if” analysis, a sales manager may prepare a correct plan for the next year. This analysis enables people to check the differences in the company’s results when one of the elements creating costs is changed. Moreover, the eBudgets may be integrated with an external ERP, CRM or other systems, due to which it is constantly powered by information about sales values for a given client, which significantly facilitates planning for the next year.

A well-prepared budget plan influences fluent sales in every season, which is reflected in the financial result of a company. For this reason, it is essential to remember the proper tools for budgeting and analyzing, as they enable enhancing the company’s competitiveness.