Plus Workflow is a comprehensive Low-Code solution that helps companies effectively manage documents and optimize business processes. It allows companies to independently model business processes, manage documentation electronically, scan documentation and use optical character recognition (OCR). Treści trafiające do systemu są archiwizowane i dostępne w każdym momencie. To better understand what Plus Workflow is and how it functions, let’s examine several aspects.

Application areas of Plus Workflow

The system was created to support the digitalization of enterprises and streamline business processes. It allows for the use of ready-made solutions or the creation of custom ones tailored to the company’s profile and current needs. Among the most commonly implemented business processes, regardless of industry and company size, we can mention:

  • The process of purchase requisitions,
  • The process of invoices approval,
  • The processes of contracts reviewing and archiving,
  • The processes of correspondence management,
  • The processes of budget planning and control,
  • The processes of vacation and employee requests,
  • The processes of settlement of advances and delegations.

In terms of independent process modeling, over the years, our clients have created hundreds of new applications and business processes. Quality alerts, raw material approval, recipe changes, overtime requests, and SAP change control are just a few examples, as the possibilities in this area are practically limitless.

Low-Code Solution

The Plus Workflow is a Low-Code solution. This approach allows for the creation of processes without programming knowledge and coding skills, as the process steps are represented graphically.

Thanks to the Low-Code technology, we gain:

  • Cost reduction as there is no need to engage programmers;
  • Time savings through work in an intuitive process editor;
  • The ability to initiate and check the process’s operation or visualize a form;
  • Possibility of integration with databases and external systems.


Users create new processes and task forms using the Drag & Drop mechanism. All this is possible thanks to the use of the BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) modeling standard, which, through the use of graphical symbols, supports user-system communication.

Benefits of implementing a Low-Code solution:

The implementation of the Plus Workflow system brings many benefits. Its advantages include:

  • Flexibility and unlimited configuration possibilities,
  • Many additional modules extending the system’s functionalities,
  • Independent launching and modifying of business applications;
  • Real-time process management,
  • Electronic document flow regardless of industry or company size,
  • Efficient access from any web browser and mobile devices.

All our specialists’ actions are aimed at meeting the needs of the modern enterprise. The Plus Workflow system has many applications: it digitizes enterprise documentation, supports processes in various company departments, or integrates with the Polish e-Invoice System. It can also be integrated with any ERP or financial-accounting system.

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