Nowadays, organizations not only need to demonstrate expertise and top-notch solutions, but they also need to invest in innovative options that will enable them to meet the needs of their customers and increase the efficiency of the company while reducing costs.

For this reason, more and more companies are choosing to implement IT solutions that automate and optimize business processes. Suncode guarantees support in this area with the solution it offers, which is Plus Workflow RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

With regard to enterprise business processes, the term robotic process automation (RPA) refers to the configuration of software (“robot”) that will perform activities previously performed by humans. It should be noted at this point that robotic process automation will ideally work to relieve employees of so-called “swivel chair processes,” i.e., processes that require manual entry and recording of the same data in various systems such as ERP or CRM.

Robots operate based on a specific algorithm, but the continuous development of technology means that they are increasingly enriched with elements of artificial intelligence. This allows them to make more complex decisions and learn from the data provided.

Plus Workflow Robots – Plus Workflow RPA

Suncode realizes the importance of robotic process automation, so our experts have created a solution that meets the needs of clients, namely Plus Workflow RPA.

Plus Workflow RPA is a program installed on the client’s resources – a computer or an available server. Its task is to carry out routine tasks that do not require the involvement of employees. The Plus Workflow robots can be configured by the system administrator, and most importantly, they do not involve programmers and writing new code. The robots reflect the user’s actions at the level of their interface, using non-invasive techniques such as operating on HTML pages, “screen scraping,” and scripting.

It’s worth noting that the flexibility of our solution allows for the modification of the robot’s operating method over time. All tasks performed by the robot are recorded in the logs of the Plus Workflow system, and alerts are distributed by email to the appropriate users.

The robotic process automation with Plus Workflow RPA in the enterprise makes it possible to unleash the true potential of employees and use them for tasks that require their full commitment, such as individual customer service.

Picture 1. Key features of Plus Workflow RPA

The possible applications of Plus Workflow RPA from Suncode are numerous:

  • Creating XLS reports;
  • Setting up business trips;
  • Month-end closing;
  • Inquiring about balances;
  • Integrations between systems;
  • Data transfer from emails, XLS files, etc.;
  • Accounting for data from external files (cards);
  • Entering invoices into the ERP or financial-accounting system;
  • Creating orders in the ERP system based on applications or emails;
  • Updating price lists in ERP systems based on supplier price lists;
  • Verification in external services, e.g., VAT taxpayer status, whitelist, Central Statistical Office (GUS);
  • And many more.
Picture 2. Benefits of Plus Workflow RPA


Robotic process automation is gaining supporters year after year. This is not surprising, as the implementation of Plus Workflow RPA makes it possible not only to unleash the potential of employees, but also to eliminate errors and increase the efficiency of the company.