All enterprises, regardless of the size or area of activity, strive to gain a competitive advantage. Building and maintaining a position in the market is quite a challenge. Especially now, in times of digital transformation that forces companies to search for innovative solutions – meeting the customer needs, improving work efficiency, or eliminating errors. As a result, more and more companies decide to optimize and automate business processes, often using RPA solutions.

What is the RPA?

The term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to a program or set of tools that aim to improve business processes by taking over repetitive activities performed by employees by appropriate software (“a robot”). It can perform routine, cyclical activities that do not require human intervention, thanks to a set of algorithms adjusted to the client’s needs. These activities include, e.g., posting accepted invoices, creating reports based on existing databases, or settling business trips and closing the month. Robots can be used in every enterprise, automating numerous business processes. Moreover, they enable work in many different IT systems, such as ERP, CRM, or DMS. As a result, they optimize the exchange of information between systems and the performance of specific activities in selected business processes.

What are the benefits of robotization?

Robotization of the company’s business processes brings many benefits, such as:

  • Elimination of the so-called human error;
  • Cost minimization;
  • Increased security of processed data;
  • Information flow improvement;
  • Improving access to the necessary information for authorized users;
  • Increase in productivity by relieving employees of tedious, repetitive tasks;
  • Increasing competitiveness.

Plus Workflow Robots

The Suncode company is aware of the essence of robotization of business processes, which is why it has created a solution that meets the needs of its customers, which is Plus Workflow RPA.

The Plus Workflow RPA is a program that is installed on the client’s computer or server to perform repetitive activities that do not require employee interference. The Plus Workflow Robots may be flexibly configured by an administrator and do not require any additional programming activities (writing code). Their task is to recreate the user’s actions in the layer of the interface, using non-invasive techniques, such as operating on HTML pages, screen scraping, or scripts.

Importantly, thanks to the flexibility of the proposed solution, it is possible to change the way the robot behaves over time. All operations performed by the robot are recorded in the Plus Workflow system logs, and alerts are sent via e-mail to the authorized user.

Functionalities of the Plus Workflow RPA

More and more companies from various industries are beginning to notice the benefits of automating business processes using RPA-class solutions. For this reason, these solutions are gaining popularity. No wonder, as the concept of robotization of processes can be applied wherever there are opportunities to replace monotonous human work with robots. It is important that any company can benefit from the described solution and increase work efficiency and competitive advantage while minimizing costs.

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