World Health Organisation (WHO) announced a pandemic in connection with the new COVID-19 coronavirus, and the Polish government announced an epidemiological threat last Thursday. We approach the current, extraordinary situation with the utmost seriousness. With an eye to the health and safety of our Employees, Clients, and Partners, we immediately introduced suitable preventive measures.

From Monday, March 16th, for the next two weeks, the majority of Suncode employees will work remotely. Naturally, we will make every endeavor to ensure that our clients are not affected by the changes. We will try to fulfill all the tasks in a timely manner, in accordance with the set schedule. In this difficult situation, however, we are asking for understanding and patience. Needless to say, we will keep you updated if any changes occur.

For your and our safety, all the business trips are limited to the minimum, as they may be conducive to the spread of the virus. It relates to already planned meetings, as well as the prospective ones. We recommend communication via available communicators, e.g. email, skype, phone or Teamviewer. We ask you not to make any appointments at the headquarters; persons without prior notification will not be admitted to the company. We ask you for cautiousness.

Moreover, any physical contact with other people should be restricted to the minimum – no handshakes, however with the maintenance of a safe distance of 1,5m.

There was no illness suspicion in our company, nevertheless, prevention is better than cure, and that is why we want to ensure safety to our employees and contractors. We are responsible for our health, but also, social health. With this regard, we urge you to keep a cool head – be cautious and preserve the basic principles of hygiene, which are extremely important nowadays. Please, see the graphic below to get familiar with the basic principles of hand washing, or read the instructions available on the WHO website ( ).

We apologize for all the inconvenience. It is extremely important for us to maintain a high level of our services. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone. We will inform you about any changes via our website or email.