In October 2023, Gartner published the list of top 10 technology trends for 2024. Among them are:

  1. “AI Trust, Risk and Security Management (AI TRiSM);
  2. Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)
  3. Sustainable Technology;
  4. Platform Engineering;
  5. AI-Augmented Development;
  6. Industry Cloud Platforms;
  7. Intelligent Applications;
  8. Democratized Generative AI;
  9. Augmented Connected Workforce;
  10. Machine Customers.”

Trends are divided into 3 main categories: investment protection, builder growth and value delivery. According to Gartner, incorporating current trends into strategic planning is expected to generate favorable results for companies. Among the most important, it lists achieving ESG goals, accelerated digitization, enterprise growth or maximizing the value of data.

Considering the above information, if you want to become a leader in your industry, it is worth considering the introduction of new technologies in your company today. After all, automation of business processes is a key element, affecting the development of modern companies.

Plus Workflow as the answer to upcoming trends

It is undoubtedly a challenge for today’s companies to keep up with the dynamically developing market – a lack of organizational flexibility can lead to several problems and, in extreme cases, loss of market leadership.

Especially this applies to small and medium-sized enterprises, which find it harder to invest in digitization due to their smaller financial background compared to global giants. The answer to these problems is our flagship system Plus Workflow, which supports all companies, regardless of their size. Its unquestionable advantage is the ability to freely adjust the implemented processes in such a way as to maximize the efficiency of the company as much as possible, without exposing it to disproportionately high costs.

Instead, referring to the 3 main categories of trends for 2024, here’s how Plus Workflow meets the conditions for each of them.

  • Investment protection – to ensure the return on the undertaken investments (ROI), it is crucial to reduce the risk of errors occurring. Therefore, it becomes necessary to carefully monitor and control the efficiency of the company, its expenses and possible losses, as well as to forecast upcoming changes and market demands.

The Plus Workflow is the automation of a company’s business processes, eliminating errors resulting from the human factor. In addition, optimization increases the company’s efficiency and significantly reduces the time of task execution What’s more, processes such as budget management and demand submission improve control over the company’s finances and resources.

  • Builders growth – in today’s competitive era, it is important to maintain the advantage that innovative solutions and creative action can provide. To increase the number of builders, it is not necessary to hire employees specialized in a particular field. Sometimes it is enough to provide employees with access to design new solutions. It will reduce the possible costs that would be associated with hiring additional staff, and will also increase the employee’s involvement in the company’s processes, which can positively translate into the perceived job satisfaction.

Plus Workflow, thanks to its reliance on Low-Code software, makes it possible for almost anyone to create, modify or streamline an enterprise’s workflows and processes. Because creating new process maps is extremely simple and intuitive, the response to changes in the organization is accelerated. This not only has a positive effect on its flexibility, but also minimizes the costs associated with writing code manually.

  • Delivering value – refers to the experience of working with or receiving services from a particular company. A positive impression contributes to greater interest from stakeholders and new potential consumers. To respond to customers’ expectations, it is crucial to recognize their needs and adjust the proposed solution accordingly.

The Plus Workflow system is a response to the idea of paperless – electronic document workflow effectively reduces paper consumption in the company. With the ability to send documents to the right people both inside and outside the organization, it contributes to minimizing CO2 emissions and costs associated with printing or sending documentation in traditional form. In addition, the flexibility that guarantees rapid response to legal changes, consumer preferences or competition, allows the company to implement changes almost immediately and thus stay ahead of other companies in the market.

In summary, Plus Workflow is a comprehensive tool, effectively responding to current and future trends. Ubiquitous digitization ceases to be a choice and becomes a necessity for today’s businesses. Many advantages resulting from the implementation of the system will allow you to enjoy not only keeping up with the technological changes of the 21st century but will also bring many additional benefits that will allow you to become a leader in your industry.

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