The first association that comes to mind after hearing the word “logistics” is transport. However, the logistics consist of more complex activities. Logistics is a whole array of processes – time planning, supervision, and management of the distribution processes of goods, services, and information, costs optimization.

During the realization of the logistics processes, there is no place for stoppages or errors. Everything needs to be meticulously planned and performed in compliance with the schedule. For this reason, the enterprises from the logistics industry continuously look after the efficient flow of business processes and implementation of innovative tools, such as intelligent Workflow class systems.

Useful functionalities of the Plus Workflow system

Today’s market is changing dynamically, and entrepreneurs must adapt to it if they want to meet the needs of their clients.

The Plus Workflow system is a tool supporting companies from the logistics industry in such key areas as:

  • Archiving of shipping documents – an automatic archiving of transportation documents in save structures of the Plus Workflow system. Additionally, the system enables tracking whether the documents that confirm the performance of goods delivery services come back to the enterprise (no matter if the service was performed by the enterprise fleet or the subcontracting firm’s fleet).
  • Completion of transportation documents – verification of the completeness of the documents constituting the basis for invoicing the service. If some documentation is missing, the Plus Workflow system initiates appropriate actions to fill in the shortcomings.
  • Cost control of the provided transport services – registration of costs related to the realized services, including the invoices for the performance of transport services by subcontractors, directly in the system. The system also enables the verification of compliance of transport orders with invoices. Moreover, the invoices matched in the system are then automatically booked in the integrated system of the ERP class. In case of inconsistency of the invoice, it is sent back for clarification.
  • Profitability control of the provided services – the Plus Workflow verifies whether the invoiced costs are compliant with the transportation order. Then, the system compares costs with the transportation order value and calculates the profitability level. If the profitability level is below the earlier indicated threshold, the system informs the manager about this fact.

The Plus Workflow system is a comprehensive solution that allows for effective enterprise management. The implementation of the Plus Workflow enables the entrepreneurs to eliminate human errors occurrence, the performance of the duties swiftly and timely, and control over the incurred costs. Moreover, the Plus Workflow ensures an efficient flow of work and information between employees.

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