Dr. Max manages the largest pharmacy chains in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as the largest, independent of wholesalers, pharmacy network in Poland. The group includes over 2,000 pharmacies located in different countries throughout Europe. Presently, the pharmacy network Dr. Max is a progressively developing business with the potential for further growth in the most promising markets. During the current year, the Penta Investments group recorded the largest increase in revenues for 24 years of the company’s operations. The Dr. Max network, which belongs to the group, has significantly contributed to that.

Due to the dynamic development and expansion of its activity to other markets, Dr. Max started looking for a solution that would accelerate and facilitate the realization of business processes. All the intended objectives were achieved thanks to the use of the Plus Workflow system, produced and delivered by Suncode company from Greater Poland voivodeship.

The implementation of the Plus Workflow in Dr. Max’s company included comprehensive management of all the incoming cost documents. A characteristic feature of the implementation was the way of document registration and scanning implemented by our partner – Iron Mountain. This process has been entirely “outsourced” to the IM Data Processing Center near Wrocław. This is where all the documents are scanned and initially described, in order to be later forwarded, in the Plus Workflow system, to specific employees of Dr. Max responsible for their substantive verification. After the verification, the documents are sent for approval.

It is worth emphasizing that the Plus Workflow system implementation has been realized with the assumption of full integration with Kamsoft’s FK system and the Evoult eArchive solution of Iron Mountain company. In this case, an unlimited license for the Plus Workflow system in terms of the number of users, processes and archived documents has been used. The project was implemented using the “sprint” methodology that allows visualization and simulation of the system’s operation yet in the analytical phase.

„The cooperation with Suncode proceeded in a highly professional way. The specialists have made every effort to propose solutions that suit our requirements. The project ended with the implementation of a fully parameterized Plus Workflow system, supporting the workflow of cost documents in the entire Dr. Max network. The functionalities offered by the delivered solution are fully satisfying.” – Mirosław Sztorc, Project Manager

The implementation of the BPM class system conducted by Suncode allowed the optimization of document management activities, which is a step towards further development of the Dr.Max pharmacy network.