Polish enterprises are developing at a rapid pace. As a result, employment is rising, and hence the number of processes taking place in companies. On the other hand, their paths and implementation are getting longer, which forces the search for the best solutions optimizing and facilitating the work of employees. BPM class systems, such as the Plus Workflow, are the response to these needs.

Because the program is highly innovative, it is on the front foot. Moreover, thanks to the usage of the newest IT solutions, it may be adjusted to every industry and size of the company, regardless of the number of processes. This solution will work in any enterprise, which is confirmed by Suncode’s extensive customer portfolio.

In order to introduce and solve the subject of digitization and optimization of enterprises, it is essential to answer the question, “What is the BPM class system?”. Business processes management is a new trend, which is constantly gaining popularity. No wonders, as that solution enables improving the functioning of the following areas:

  • process and task path – faster implementation,
  • document archiving in one place,
  • processes and costs control and acceptance,
  • greater data flow control,
  • implementation of tasks through automatic flow between employees – indicates which person is responsible for implementation at a particular stage.

What is a process in the meaning of an enterprise? It is a set of activities, in which each individual element makes up a significant value from the customer’s point of view. These may include orders, execution of the product or administrative tasks, such as delegating an employee for check-ups.

Our flagship product – Plus Workflow, facilitates a wide spectrum of processes and enables individual processes modeling thanks to the Plus Workflow Editor. Each user, without programming skills and knowledge, may prepare the path of a given process, according to individual needs. It should also be emphasized that the most important benefit of implementing the BPM system is lowering the costs incurred by enterprises each time.

Perceiving the need to implement the Workflow class solutions, entrust it to people with extensive experience and professionalism, appreciated by a great number of customers. We are constantly enriching our knowledge by participating in congresses and symposia or cooperating with the academic community. Our values are in compliance with corporate standards and a friendly ambiance, not only in the office but also when dealing with customers. Our best business card is not just the number of performed implementations but also numerous references issued by companies that have trusted us.