According to a report „The State of Mobile 2022” by – users spend about 3.8 trillion hours per year on mobile devices, which gives 4.8 hours daily per user.

The provided data do not shock us anymore. They only emphasize that telephones have become an indispensable part of our life, even in professional life.

That is why new mobile applications are created every year — to make leisure activities more enjoyable and everyday life easier.

Also, users of BPM class systems can now use the mobile application and manage the workflow of company documents from their phones.

Plus Workflow Mobile – document management through the application

The application offered by Suncode supports the functioning of the IT systems – the Plus Workflow and the Plus DMS. This application allows users to manage documents and launch new business processes.

The Plus Workflow Mobile application works on mobile devices with Android version 2.3.3 and higher and iOS.

The Plus Workflow Mobile has a full range of process functionality. What does this mean? The employee has access to a wide range of functions, including:

  • The ability to perform tasks in the user box;
  • The possibility to initiate new business processes from the level of a mobile device;
  • The possibility to attach comments and documents to tasks directly from the mobile device;
  • The application has full form editing functionality – editing of dynamic tables and data contained in the form;
  • The possibility to view the user’s task inbox;
  • The task preview in the application is created based on the downloaded data from the Plus Workflow system. The user can also download documents attached to the workflow and view comments in the process;
  • The application sends information about a new task in the notification box on the phone;
  • The application allows you to remember the user’s name and password on a given mobile device.

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