People are the most important capital of any organization. A properly selected staff allows the company to offer their comprehensive services and cooperation in an enjoyable and professional ambiance at the highest level.

Human resource management is a complex process consisting of many elements. It requires not only appropriate commitment and workload but also proper qualifications. The responsibilities of HR departments include a wide range of tasks, from planning the employment, through the organization of inner training, to employees appraisal and calculation of salaries. These tasks are pivotal for every organization but also often time-consuming. For this reason, companies, more eagerly, are looking for solutions that may optimize and automate business processes included in the work of HR.

The Plus Workflow – a response to the needs of HR departments

The Plus Workflow system is a comprehensive solution that enables the efficient implementation of many business processes that loom large the Human Resource departments.

One of the areas in which the system can support HR departments is recruitment and employment, i.e.

  • applying for the creation of a new vacancy;
  • applying for the employment of a new employee;
  • archiving of candidates’ applications – Curriculum Vitae and motivation letters;
  • job interviews;
  • hiring an employee – handling a clearance slip and signing a contract with a new employee.


Today’s article focuses on the first steps that need to be undertaken by an HR employee on a stage of hiring a new employee, namely, the processes of applying for a new employee and conducting job interviews.

Applying for a new employee

The department manager can submit a demand for an employee directly in the Plus Workflow system. It is enough for a user to enter the required data (justification of the application, position, form of employment, working time, etc.) and the requirements for a potential candidate for an employee, e.g., education, work experience, foreign language. Then, the task is sent to the supervisor, who decides whether to accept or reject such a request. If the demand for an employee is approved, it is sent via the system to the human resources department.

After reading all the requirements set for the candidates, an employee of the HR department indicates applicants who may be suitable for the job position. Then, the person applying for a new employee can see the profiles of the proposed candidates. After verification, the process is sent to the human resources department along with an annotation of which candidates should be invited to an interview and which candidates should be thanked for their application for the position.

The interview process

A user may start the recruitment process directly from the process of applying for a new employee. An employee of the human resources department arranges an interview with candidates previously indicated by the head of the department. Then, the task is transferred to the stage of interviewing the selected candidate. During the interview, the employer evaluates the candidate. On this basis, a decision is made to hire or reject a potential employee. If a candidate resigns from participating in the next stage of the recruitment process, the entire process may end.

If the application is approved, the employee of the HR department is obliged to inform the candidate about this fact and to complete the necessary documentation. In the other case, the system allows a user to continue looking for an appropriate employee or cancel the process.


The Plus Workflow system is a tool that effectively supports HR departments. The implementation optimizes the selected processes and the flow of information between company departments. It also reduces the workload and thus costs. The process of applying for a new employee and job interviews has never been so simple.

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