BPM system for managing and automating business processes in every industry.

When running a business, it is worth choosing automation, which in the long run will result in better company results and a significant improvement in the quality of work. Get to know the electronic document circulation system, thanks to which all procedures can be streamlined. Easy and clear document management is the key to success in almost every industry.

Effective automation and efficient document flow

Companies are starting to prioritize and appreciate the importance of digitalization. The first step towards digitization is skillful business process management. One of the crucial elements on this path appears to be the implementation of the electronic flow of documents. Currently, the entrepreneurs know how important it is to resign from the paper documentation, both for the successful business functioning and the environment. The necessity to archive thousands of sheets of paper is time-consuming and cost-absorbing. It is because of the need to delegate for this task appropriate people and allocate suitable archives or rooms. Moreover, such a form of archiving does not ensure data security. Luckily, we have a solution that may prevent such situations. Moreover, such a form of archiving does not ensure data security. Luckily, we have a solution that may prevent such situations.

Suncode offers its clients a system for the electronic flow of documents that allows users to create e-documents and archive content. It is part of a larger business modeling process currently used in many innovative companies. By providing you with this form of management, we believe that it will optimize your business and reduce costs related to company management. Its effectiveness is confirmed by the financial results of companies, thanks to the reduction in invoicing time. Facilitated communication, the order in an archive, remote access to the e-documents are just some of the additional benefits resulting from the implementation of the system for the electronic flow of documents.

The electronic flow of documents – Plus Workflow


Modern business management requires support from the side of IT systems. From this point of view, particularly important are IT systems of the Workflow class – electronic document flow in the company which supports the realized business processes. The Plus Workflow system for the management of documents and business processes is a complex, modern, flexible and safe IT system for the electronic flow and management of documents with a wide range of functionalities.

A comprehensive system for the flow of documents in a company

The Plus Workflow is a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage business processes and, consequently, the entire documentation in the enterprise – both in the field of electronic document flow, scanning, and electronic archiving. The Plus Workflow is a server system, and it is available to the users via a selected web browser. The innovative Workflow systems enable the swifter flow of documents between the employees, simultaneously increasing teamwork efficiency. The Plus Workflow system for the management of documents and business processes is a complex, modern, flexible and safe IT system for the electronic flow and management of documents with a wide range of functionalities.

The electronic flow of documents – for whom?

Do you wonder whether your company may use the electronic flow of documents? The answer is: yes – if you are a visionary and feel the need to implement new technologies, and know how important it is to simplify daily work. Regardless of the size or area of activity, enterprises often struggle with the problem of organizing the paper documents. That is why every company from the micro, medium, and macro sector may decide to fully automate business processes related to document management. Importantly, depending on the size of the company, the solutions we propose will feature appropriately adapted functionalities. Our improvements will work in every industry and in companies of all sizes.

The solutions offered by Suncode are adjusted to the individual needs and company profile. For instance, the basic system for the document flow that enables copying and archiving documents, and using basic system functions, will work out in smaller companies. For the more demanding customers, we may project the advanced versions of the Plus Workflow with additional modules that meet all the needs of customers. The platform enables the document OCR, independent business process modeling in a graphic Plus Workflow Editor studio, or the integration with the external IT systems. Importantly, all the data is stored in secure system structures in compliance with the rules of law (including the GDPR).

The advantages of the electronic flow of documents

Regardless of the industry, the number of realized processes, or employees, each company struggles with the problems related to the flow of accounting documents. Those in paper form may be inconvenient at the stage of its management, cataloging, sharing, and storing. All activities related to their operation are costly, as they require the involvement of specialists and the separation and maintenance of archives.

Document circulation, e.g. accounting documents in the company

The document flow management with the usage of our electronic platform results in many tangible benefits, such as:

  • Enhancement of communication within a company –sometimes, in companies with elaborate structures, the communication between departments is disrupted. As a result, the employees do not know where given questionnaires or contracts are. Such chaos may result in, e.g., losing, damaging, or wrong segregation of documents;
  • Availability for each industry – the flow of documents occurs in every company, no matter its size or area of activity. Therefore, transferring it to the electronic platform is a good solution for services companies, as well as trading and product companies;
  • Gradual implementation – some entrepreneurs are afraid of changes. Meanwhile, the automated flow of accounting documents in a company does not involve a huge revolution but the facilitation of everyday processes. Its implementation is gradual, without inconvenient downtime;
  • Ecological approach – companies generate huge amounts of waste each year. This is the result of, e.g., printing and scanning contracts, questionnaires, correspondence, forms, and many other documents in paper form. The system for the electronic flow of documents allows reducing this problem. A pro-ecological attitude is an additional advantage in today’s market;
  • High process safety, in line with the letter of the law – changes on the platform can be introduced on an ongoing basis, reacting dynamically to each amendment to the acts. Most of them are done automatically, so the user does not have to follow new regulations and interpret them;
  • The possibility of granting individual authorizations for employees – no more unauthorized access to documents, which often contain sensitive data. The electronic control allows to precisely determine which employees may preview and edit given projects;
  • Backup – no risk of losing important data as a result of destroying or losing the hard copy. E-documents placed in the system are copied and entered into the electronic archive, the safest place for sensitive data;
  • Access regardless of location – paper files are stored in the company headquarters. The employees may access them only from this one location. Thanks to our solutions the document management become easier as the platform and stored data are available remotely;
  • Real savings – our statistics speak for themselves. Entrepreneurs who decided to optimize and automate the flow of documents reduced the costs of processes and tasks realization by up to 60% and reduced the time related to document management and approval by up to 70%.

As you can see, the flow of accounting documents in the company can be faster, cheaper, accessible, and understandable for all employees. All you need to do is take advantage of our offer, which we will adapt to your individual needs. All of this is possible thanks to a comprehensive audit. On its basis, we can locate the most problematic areas in your company activity. If the scope changes, we will remodel the system as it is flexibly adjusted to the company’s needs.

The Workflow system – increase the efficiency of your business!

See how easily you can ensure that the circulation process, acceptance and document flow remain under full control, while ensuring the efficiency of your work. Carrying out tasks related to invoices and settlements will become easier if you choose the offered software.

The Plus Workflow system is undoubtedly a leading solution of this type on the market. It is independent of the operating platform (operating systems or databases) and allows for more efficient document flow. It works perfectly in case of implementation involving multiple departments located through the country, in which the documents are scanned, as well for those with only one scanning station. It is worth mentioning that it’s an efficient solution – in one of the installations, the Plus Workflow system realizes over 2 5000 processes daily. The Workflow is also a solution that enables reflecting many processes on just one platform – an example is the Plus Workflow implementation during which Suncode has reflected several dozen processes.

The Plus Workflow is an innovative, electronic system for the flow of documents is an advanced IT solution that supports each area of the company’s activity. The Plus Workflow may be used for:

  • The electronic flow of invoices (distract or centralized);
  • Management of electronic invoices under the regulation from the 18th of December, 2010;
  • The electronic flow of orders (external and internal);
  • Support of ISO 9001 procedures (e.g., corrective and preventive actions, audits, documentation changes, supervision over the control and measurement devices, etc.);
  • Electronic settlement of commissions and bonuses;
  • Electronic management of holiday applications;
  • Development of new product and technology specifications;
  • Approvement of contracts;
  • Approvement of promotional materials;
  • Applying for an advance payment;
  • Clearance of advance payment (cash purchase);
  • Clearance of domestic and foreign business trips;
  • Management over the offer inquiry;
  • The electronic flow of loan applications in a Bank;
  • Electronic preparation and approval of facility agreement in a Bank;
  • Electronic applications reported by employees;
  • The electronic flow of notifications;
  • The electronic flow of recruitment documents;
  • Help-desk;
  • The electronic record of fixed-assets;
  • Electronic registration of documents;
  • Electronic archiving of customers’ documents;
  • Electronic archiving of contracts with suppliers and recipients;
  • Electronic archiving of electronic invoices;
  • And many others.

If you have any doubts about what document flow looks like after automation and optimization, read the materials we have prepared to find out what effects you can expect!

Taking care of employees and customers – document management system

In many situations, it is difficult to find a better solution than an efficient electronic document management system. Software facilitating automation is a guarantee that work in the enterprise will become accessible to everyone, and all necessary documentation will be collected in one place. All thanks to electronic document circulation, which ensures that all processes follow established procedures and are performed as quickly as possible. That is why Suncode solutions are extremely popular.

It is worth seeing how much you can gain by choosing professional support that improves the entire system responsible for the documentation circulation process. A specialized document management system, i.e. procedures and software responsible for effective document management, is invaluable help in every large and small enterprise. Efficient flow of information supports work automation and guarantees faster implementation of all types of tasks and goals. Suncode offers solutions that will perfectly replace the previously used methods. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our rich offer containing all the details.

A properly prepared and maintained electronic document circulation system leads to significant improvement of processes and allows for more effective functioning of the entire company. Thanks to this, customers can receive their goods or services faster, and it is easier for employees to carry out their assigned tasks. Traditional document circulation often slowed down work and made many activities more difficult. By choosing the automated version, you can significantly improve your company’s results and streamline all types of procedures.

To effectively optimize your company and ensure automation in every possible department, it is worth investing in an electronic document circulation system. Process improvement is an investment that will help any business expand its wings and achieve success in its industry. Find out more by choosing our support. We invite you!

Application areas of Plus Workflow

electronic circulation of cost and warehouse invoices,
electronic circulation of other accounting documents (e.g. advance payments, policies, SADs),
handling electronic invoices in accordance with the Regulation of the Ministry of Finance of 18/12/2010,
electronic archiving of purchase and sales invoices,
electronic distribution of sales invoices to contractors,
process of accepting accounting proposals.

cost invoices,
contracts with contractors,
employees’ personal files,
organizational documents of the company (orders, scope of responsibilities),
ISO 9001 documentation (quality manual, procedures, instructions, etc.),

distribution of incoming correspondence,
records of outgoing correspondence,
registration and archiving of documents,
registration and assignment of outgoing and incoming shipments,
generating lists of received documents,
eliminating lost documents.

process of handling and accepting investment applications,
the process of defining budgets,
process of controlling the use of budgets.

electronic leave applications,
absence process,
employee application process.

process of applying for an advance payment by employees,
settlement of advance payment/cash purchase by employees,
settlement of employee delegations.

booking conference rooms,
traditional archive management,
binder management process.