Suncode has been supporting entrepreneurs striving to digitize their companies for years. We provide tools that allow you to optimize business processes in your company, including logistics and production. It all starts when you realize that the organizational unit you manage, or the entire institution, requires a revolution aimed at adapting the company to the expectations of the developing market.

This is usually done in several steps, from realizing the need for changes, through defining the problem and determining the scope of work, to diagnosing the current state of the company. We can accompany you at every stage of implementing risk management processes, eliminating activities that are ineffective, bring no benefits or are of little value to the company and its customers.

What is business process optimization?

Running a business involves a lot of responsibilities, making many decisions that have a real impact on the future of the company, and hundreds, if not thousands, of various types of documents. Process optimization by introducing a BPM system allows you to obtain a number of benefits. These include maximizing profits, reducing costs, and increasing work efficiency through automation. Management refers to various areas of activity, including data collection and processing, customer acquisition, logistics and business organization, and employee recruitment. As you can see, you can try to implement changes at almost every level that will improve the company’s condition and allow it to adapt to current standards. But how to go about it? Many entrepreneurs do not know what business process optimization should look like. No wonder, it is an extremely complex process that is best carried out under the supervision of specialists. Our team has the necessary knowledge, experience and tools that support modern companies in their efforts to maintain their market position.

Plus Workflow program for electronic document flow management optimizes business processes. How? Plus Workflow is an intuitive BPM program in which you can settle invoices, submit demands, register correspondence and, thanks to an electronic archive, collect and organize company documentation. It’s like an electronic office for your business. All possibilities are available with just one click! Optimize the processes in your company today to make the best use of the company’s potential (people, products, services).

When risk management processes and other areas of activity are carried out consciously and under controlled conditions, the company can be said to be on a straight path to optimizing the operation of the entire enterprise. This is an activity that requires a lot of commitment – time, people, and often financial resources. Nevertheless, as our clients’ results and many years of experience confirm, it is worth making this effort. Moreover, according to scientific research, the efficiency of business processes is one of the most important factors influencing the company’s financial results. Business processes are implemented in every company, regardless of its size. However, not all of them have been identified, described and properly organized.

You can expect your problems to be completely solved with Suncode. Making a “diagnosis” on your own and determining problematic areas of the company’s operation is a very difficult task, which is often too demanding without specialist support. That’s why you can do it with our help, taking advantage of our experience – we never act in a standard way, and it all starts with a thorough analysis of the company’s structure. Before we propose a specific scheme for optimizing and automating business processes, we will conduct an audit and find the cause of the irregularities. The main areas that most often require improvement in companies are:

  • efficiency (better profits)
  • efficiency (reducing costs, increasing profits).

Managing business processes in an enterprise requires their modeling and optimization. Before implementing organizational changes (e.g. re-engineering, process improvement, implementation of the ISO 9000 QMS) or IT systems (e.g. Workflow, ERP), a model of the company’s business processes is developed.

Process modeling can be carried out in a traditional form (using a piece of paper) or using specialized IT tools. Process models can be reflected in various standardized notations (e.g. EPC, BPMN, UML) in order to ensure the same interpretation of the model by all its users.


Benefits of optimizing business processes

By choosing professional support, you will quickly see how much optimization and automation of logistics and business processes can offer in your company. Almost every company will have procedures and activities that can be improved using appropriate methods. Their choice depends on specific aspects of the work and the scale of changes needed.

You may not yet realize that your company also requires optimization of logistics or production processes in order to increase management efficiency. They function in every company, but are not always officially named or described. What are the benefits of mapping areas requiring improvement and improving them by implementing new solutions?

  • Higher efficiency in operational activities – shorter task completion time, better time and resource management.
  • Assigning tasks and authorizations to specific people according to their position and taking into account their competences.
  • Better control of processes, their costs, effects, efficiency and time needed for implementation.
  • Greater chance of success in a competitive market.
  • Elimination of activities and procedures that are unnecessary, ineffective and unprofitable.
  • Organizing the company’s current work on many levels – activities, collecting and sorting documents, archiving.

The above benefits apply not only to the company itself, but also to their environment – employees, customers and contractors. The changes in process optimization will benefit primarily the recipient. How it’s working? Efficient implementation of procedures, compliance with quality standards and higher efficiency mean shorter deadlines for completing orders for products or services. This also significantly affects the price – it is ultimately lower thanks to the savings the company managed to generate.

From the perspective of colleagues, a company that cares about the optimization of logistics processes is an attractive partner for long-term cooperation. Employees, in turn, benefit from the transparency of procedures, the speed of implementing processes in the system and the efficient management of their work. Due to the latter group, not only the fact of optimization itself will be important, but also the way in which the changes are implemented. We understand that this type of “revolution” in the company may cause some distrust or even lack of acceptance. However, Suncode is an experienced team with many implementations under its belt. We have often helped companies improve their current processes by introducing the latest technology, which consequently contributed to the digitization of the entire company. We know how to carry out them in such a way that everything takes place without downtime, in a transparent and understandable way for employees. By conducting practical training on the Plus Workflow platform, no one from the team is left without support and lack of information. We present all the necessary issues during training, which takes the form of workshops – users learn how to work directly on the system. This method of conducting training brings tangible benefits to employees in their later work.

It is also worth paying attention to an aspect that is often improved through optimization activities, although seemingly only loosely related to them. Increasing the company’s efficiency, transparency of procedures and broadly understood improvement of the functioning of specific departments or the entire enterprise has a significant impact on the effort needed to conduct production processes, warehousing, accounting and many other tasks. Easier achievement of goals and clearer effects is a significant step towards a better work environment, which translates into employee well-being.

Business process optimization with Suncode

Suncode consultants have extensive competences in modeling and optimizing various types of business processes in organizations, which are confirmed by practical experience. Moreover, they use modern and leading tools. The service of analysis of the existing state in the enterprise and process modeling can be provided in relation to selected processes or all processes performed in the company. Process modeling can be carried out using the standard methodology used by Suncode or profiled to meet the client’s specific needs (e.g. implementation of an IT system). Development of a process model allows for its subsequent optimization, after joint analysis with the client. The process model also serves as the basis for implementing Workflow/BPM, DMS or ERP IT systems. Moreover, a properly created process model allows for its subsequent improvement.

Process optimization stages

Before the optimization of production or logistics processes is finalized, our experts will select methodologies and tools very carefully. This would not be possible without diagnosing the state of the company and determining its key goals before implementation. This is done in several steps that are commonly accepted in this procedure:

  1. Defining the problem and developing the goal we want to achieve together (usually based on the SMART methodology). This is an important stage that allows us to adapt changes to the individual needs of the client. For example, if the problems lie in the area of deliveries, we will propose optimization of logistics processes, if it is difficult to control processes in the production hall, then optimization of production processes will be reasonable.
  2. Diagnosis of the current state (in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of achieving goals, finding ineffective areas) along with process mapping.
  3. Developing an action strategy taking into account the suggestions of Suncode experts together with company representatives who are direct recipients of services. If necessary, we can plan changes to the organizational structure.
  4. Presentation of the schedule of planned changes and the expected date of completion of the works.
  5. Implementation of developed standards and monitoring their progress.

Analyzing the presented procedures, it can be noticed that with the support of experienced specialists, the process of automation and optimization within the company is a systematic set of activities, far from great revolutions changing the business policy. That is why business process automation is becoming more and more popular among entrepreneurs. Improving the quality of everyday work is carried out in accordance with proven patterns that are friendly to employees and customers. When planning to introduce new procedures in your business, it is worth using the help of experienced professionals. Thanks to them, you will avoid any difficulties that may arise when implementing changes and reorganizing tasks.

Effective optimization of logistics and business processes

The best way to increase a company’s efficiency is to improve the functioning of all procedures and structures within the company. For this reason, optimization of logistics processes is in many cases a necessary action aimed at significantly improving work in warehouses, production halls or transport-related activities.

We understand how important it is to optimize business processes. Cooperation with Suncode specialists is the hope of increasing the competitiveness of your company on the market and its attractiveness in the eyes of investors and contractors. It will also become a desirable place to work. No matter what aspects you care about most, with our help you will achieve your goals. Multi-pronged changes will have a positive impact on the efficiency and risk management processes. This will improve the comfort of people working in internal structures and in the immediate surroundings of the company. We invite you!

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