The group of our customers keeps getting bigger. It would not be possible without the functionalities that meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. Our clients often submit suggestions for implemented solutions, changes in new modules, or plug-ins. We try to be a good listener and bring all the suggestions into force, implementing them in the Plus Workflow system. The most important for us is the system development and improvement of all the functionalities in such a way to meet the users’ needs.

The success of Suncode would not be possible if not for our employees – the specialists from different fields. The account managers are often in ‘the front line’ – contact with the clients, listen to all the opinions and remarks, and discuss all the available solutions and changes. After a constructive discussion, all the arrangements are then forward to the other departments. Here, the programmers move in.  Suncode has its own programming department. Thanks to this, the system may be adjusted to the individual needs of every client. It also allows us to make corrections, modify plugins and modules. Our additional functionalities are constantly being upgraded and optimized. We do not rest on our laurels and constantly improve.

Only in the last month, we upgraded seven modules and plugins. The Plus OCR v. 1.0.7. introduced the improvement of the efficiency of scanned documents. The actual version of Plus TIN Checker enables the user to decide whether to enable or disable adding comments. The modifications in the Plus Scheduled Task changed the management of Excel files. Now a user may upload a file with even a million saved lines in it. Additionally, the plugin now allows the user to add the same file several times as a separate document. In the Plus Tools v. 3.2.141. our specialists improved the readability of the notifications regarding the send messages. Moreover, they also ameliorated sending the encrypted documents from the Plus Workflow system. While the Plus Vendor Checker is responsible for the verification of contractors on a whitelist of VAT payers.