Suncode company tries to meet the expectations and requirements of its clients through the constant expansion of the wide spectrum of solutions available. In line with this, our specialists created a new plugin of the Plus Workflow system – Drag & Drop.

Plus Drag & Drop enables the configuration of a dedicated space within the electronic form, which is used to add the documents by dropping them from the level of a computer disk file structure. Due to that, it is possible to power the process in additional documents constituting attachments in a process, in an easy and intuitive way. The implementation of this solution guarantees a significant acceleration of the mechanism of adding multiple attachments within one process. This plugin allows sending the documents and images of any extension, which results in the reduction of time necessary for adjusting them to the form requirements.

Plus Drag & Drop is a perfect solution facilitating work wit documents within the Plus Workflow system. It makes it possible to drop the documents in designated for this purpose place, and to work with any document regardless of its extension. It clearly enables enterprises to optimize work time, and quoting after Edgar Allan Poe „time is money, and money is more than time”.