The Plus Workflow system is used for digitalization and automatization of work in enterprises. Occasionally, there are situations in which the completed process needs to be improved post factum. This action is often associated with redirection of a process to another path, change of the operator or data form edition. In order to enable intuitive and easy work with the system, even in such problematic situations, there are available dedicated Plus Workflow plugins, e.g. Plus Task Manager.

In every company which deals with transferring and approving different documents and tasks, from purchases and invoices to holiday requests, there is a place for a Workflow class system. By virtue of the usage of BPM class solutions, the work of different company’s sectors may be considerably streamlined. All the processes connected to administration and HR may be seamlessly reflected in the system. This is a significant time-saver, especially for people on higher levels of the organization. This is due to the possibility of accepting, commenting and rejecting the documents or tasks from any location. It is enough to have access to any internet browser or mobile application, which may be downloaded on smartphones from Google Play or Apple Store.

As the system is exploited by the employees, mistakes are sometimes difficult to be avoided. For this reason, Suncode decided to introduce a functionality enabling fast and effective reaction in such situations. By dint of the Plus Restore, it is possible to launch the finished process again and then correct the errors. Moreover, the Plus ChangeData module allows the users to change the form data, without the necessity of undoing the task to the earlier stages.

Plus Task Manager

With the help of The Plus Task Manager, even an employee without a specialist knowledge may easily correct the mistake, which is an unquestionable advantage of the system. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of an immediate reaction, there are no stoppages in the performed work. This solution omits the necessity of transferring the notification to the service team, which, thanks to that, does not work ad hoc. Consequently, the system is not only intuitive but also user-friendly. Three simple steps are enough to get the situation again under control. If the process was sent to an inappropriate person, or an employee failed to set a replacement in the system, the authorized user may individually make the necessary modifications. For the purpose of changing the responsible person, it is sufficient to perform a few steps. It is essential to find an appropriate process in the system, choose the “Change User” button, and then select a person responsible for the further course of the process.

When making a change, there is also a possibility of adding a new comment, which serves as an argument pinpointing another user or explaining the mistake. Besides, in order to increase the practical application of the plugin, it is permissible to simultaneously modify the owners of few processes, as well as to indicate an entire group of people with specified roles for the selected task. The assignation of the process will be performed after the selection of a task by any person from the target group. Due to that, chaos connected with delegating the task may be avoided.

Suncode’s activities are aimed at creating a fully functional and flexible system for managing business processes. Thanks to the Plus Task Manager plugin, the users obtain autonomy in that scope. Such independence increases work efficiency and reduces work stoppages. Full automation and digitization of enterprises are very important, and they may be obtained through the system improvement.