In order to extend the offer and provide comprehensive customer service, we are pleased to inform you about establishing cooperation with XLE Sp. z o. o. This is our new partner in the field of integration with the Comarch ERP Optima system.

XLE SP. z o. o. works in harmony with its motto, „Our passion is integrated IT systems for company management”. In line with this message, the company has been providing and implementing ERP software for years. Thereby, they support efficient decision-making and control business processes in small and medium-sized enterprises. The company operates mainly in the Pomeranian Voivodship, however, it is recognized in the whole country.

The combination of the experience and competences of Suncode’s and XLE’s employees creates new opportunities for our customers. Our product – the Plus Workflow system – may be fully integrated with the Optima system. What’s more, this integration can take place in many areas, e.g. workflow of invoices and their automatic accounting. Together with our new technological partner, we will provide support throughout the country in the scope of modification, development, and supervision over the efficient, faultless operation of the ERP systems and ICT structures.