Thanks to our ten years of experience in business process optimization, we know that every company possesses pre-established procedures regarding the process approval or document workflow. In order to meet the requirements of every organization, we adjust the Plus Workflow system to any internal regulations. The Plus Workflow business process management system enables the creation of two document workflow paths within one process. Such a situation may occur, e.g. when a cost document requires a two-step approval. The denomination and preparation of such a process are performed in accordance with the client’s individual needs, during the pre-implementation analyses conducted by our specialists.

Usually, before the implementation of the Workflow class system, the business processes of enterprises are defined using a written procedure or by the word of mouth. During the implementation of the IT system for business process management, the current workflows are thoroughly analyzed in order to be successfully optimized. We assist in the selection of the appropriate path to maximize the benefits of automation. However, in certain instances, it turns out that one workflow path is insufficient. There are situations when a given process may end in two different ways. In this case, we determine the process path tailored to customer requirements, with subsequent approval steps.

The electronic workflow of documents

The solution offered by Suncode adapts to the specifics of each enterprise. A typical invoice management process presents as follows: Registration -> 1st degree acceptance -> 2nd degree acceptance -> Accounting. On the Plus Workflow platform, however, it is possible to introduce a process path that omits the 2nd-degree acceptance. The selection of an appropriate path may be performed automatically, based on the defined conditions or manually. The automatic selection of the process course may be conditioned by a specified maximum gross amount or the subject of the invoice. Reducing the manual work related to handing over the documents significantly affects the digitization of an enterprise. All these thanks to the automatic sending of documents to appropriate employees – without errors and downtimes. 

How does it look in practice? The Plus Workflow, thanks to process automation, significantly reduces its duration, as it eliminates many activities that do not add value. For instance, cost obligation service time may be reduced by about 70%, whereas the goods payables process management by 50%. It is irrefutable proof of the system’s effectiveness.

The use of two document workflow paths in the process is a convenient solution. As a result of the minimization of the number of process stages, time essential for final invoice approval is reduced significantly. Moreover, an efficient workflow enables quick completion of the process, the accountancy of an invoice, and its timely payment.