Business processes are the indispensable element of work in every enterprise. The complexity of the individual tasks is diverse and depends on both internal and external features. The processes may be simple, not requiring the involvement of many people, or very complex demanding the engagement of all the employees. In order to facilitate everyday work and its efficiency, Suncode introduced a new Plus Workflow’s tool enabling individual modeling and launching new business processes in the electronic document flow system.

In the Plus Workflow, the users gain access to the Plus Workflow Editor, a tool that supports individual modeling of business processes. The modeling and building occur in a graphic editor by the usage of popular process notation – BPMN. The Plus Workflow Editor enables modeling of subsequent business processes quickly, even without IT knowledge. A designer has the ability to perform an independent analysis of the course of a process, before reflecting it in the Plus Workflow system. Each process can consist of any number of stages, and user task forms are fully configurable. An essential characteristic of Plus Workflow Editor is the dynamic entering of changes, which may be seen in the preview mode of designed forms. Due to that, the final look of tasks may be controlled on a regular basis.

The Plus Workflow Editor possesses the following functionalities:

  • the ability to draw maps in the graphic process editor and to validate their correctness ensuring certainty of properly connected elements and conditions between them;
  • automatic form generation based on the fields and acceptance buttons added to the task, and consequently, a significant reduction in the work involved in its creation;
  • package archive, in which the entire history of changes conducted in the processes is saved;
  • the possibility of package versioning  and upgrading them to the latest versions;
  • the option of the manual layout of fields and buttons on the form gives the freedom of designing user-friendly forms;
  • the ability to use predefined field types;
  • dynamic preview of the created form and the possibility of ongoing correction of its appearance;
  • a mechanism for generating documentation – after building the process, it is possible to generate a complete specification that describes the prepared workflow in detail; the mechanism significantly reduces the duration of the project by eliminating the need for manual preparation of specifications;
  • own scripts implementation, which may realize specific tasks, e.g. integration with an external system, embedding programming elements that perform a number of important functions;
  • the possibility of defining conditions controlling the connections between the specific tasks (parallel connections, exclusions);
  • the possibility of embedding the programming elements within the processes (scheduled tasks, forms validation, calculations);
  • compatibility with the maps created in the earlier versions of the editor.

Each client, along with the Plus Workflow 3.1 license, is given the possibility of using the Plus Workflow Editor. Due to it, it is possible to individually model subsequent processes, without the interference of Suncode consultants. However, if the need arises, our specialists offer 4-5 days of training in process modeling in the PWE application. The Plus Workflow Editor is also available from the web browser level.