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The Workflow class systems have been supporting the digitization of enterprises worldwide for a long time. Although these solutions are ideal for various industries, some companies are not ready to […]

Blog Document archiving – DMS Electronic signatures Information Plus workflow

The Plus Workflow system has a functionality that allows the users to sign documents in electronic form via the platform for placing a qualified signature or a qualified stamp. It […]

Blog BPM System Document archiving – DMS Information Plus workflow

Companies worldwide are aware of the importance of reducing paper documentation in their daily work, both for business and ecological reasons. As a reason, in compliance with the Paperless idea, […]

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Each employer is obliged to keep a complete set of employees’ personal files. From 2019, the employer can independently decide whether to store these documents in a traditional or electronic […]

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The system for the electronic workflow of documents significantly streamlines the process of invoices management. The Plus Workflow allows automating the registration and approval of the cost documents. Most importantly, […]

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The Plus Workflow and Plus DMS systems are used in multiple trades, facilitating document management processes. The Plus Workflow enables archiving of export, transit, and import customs documents in the […]

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The Plus Workflow system is equipped with a built-in DMS module – an electronic archive of documents. An electronic archiving of documents relies on the creation and classification of documents […]