Blog BPM System Electronic signatures Information Plus workflow Workflow modules

Many leaders in digital banking come from Poland – according to Deloitte’s report from 2022, Digital Banking Maturity. Leading banks offer not only financial services – currently, banking applications enable […]

Blog BPM System Information Plus workflow Workflow modules

Electronic workflow and business process automation are nothing new these days. Companies around the world understand the importance of digitization – the situation is no different in the medical and […]

Blog Information Plus workflow Workflow modules

In recent years, companies have faced enormous challenges – entrepreneurs had to face a global pandemic, accelerated technological development, and countless economic adversities. In adapting to the prevailing geopolitical situation, […]

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Whether working in the office or remotely, we must remember to schedule our tasks wisely. A common reason for the habitual postponement of duties is the inappropriate work organization. It […]

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Inadequate business processes management – the lack of their precise definition and order, leads to disorganization in the functioning of an enterprise. This can not only cause downtime, but also […]

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The Krotoski Group is the largest authorized Polish dealer of Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, and Porsche, operating in central and southern Poland. On the official company website, the customers may choose […]

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Everybody appreciates the remote work and systems which make it possible. An additional advantage is the possibility to initiate new tasks and discharge one’s duty from a mobile phone. An […]

Blog Information Plus workflow Workflow modules

The beginning of the year, due to the pandemic, introduced some chaos in the functioning of many enterprises. Employees had to reorganize their own work, while superiors had to find […]

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Last week we celebrated the 30th anniversary of introducing barcodes in Poland. Every day barcodes are used over six billion times worldwide. Nowadays, apart from the standard commercial functions, they […]

Blog BPM System Electronic signatures Plus workflow Workflow modules

Enterprises are looking for solutions which may help them to manage the company remotely. The usage of the Plus Workflow system for the management of document flow and business processes […]